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Start selling and leave the code to Neatify! You’ll have a beautiful, easy to use and update e-commerce website in no time. You’ll even have an app to track your purchases. How cool is that!

Combining the best of 3 platforms 




Choose your own starting point

D.I.Y. Setup
You know how this all works and all you need is a setup.

Booster Pack / Rolling start
Make sure all is in working order before you are out on your own. Extended support options are available.

Strategic Build
You have a plan, you know want, and you just need a developer to make it happen.

Show your customers that you do care

Updates, Patches, Quirks, Beeps, Bops, and Boops!!! Like most machines, a website needs to be maintained. Neatify will keep your site running smoothly, up to date, secure**, and most of all looking… well.. Neat!¬†¬†

Hourly Rate

  • Training / Support Session
  • Custom Code
  • Website Modifications
  • WordPress Training
  • Divi Training
  • Woo-Commerce Training

* One hour is allocated for Woo-Commerce registration and setup. This session is a guide to setup a Woo-Commerce account. Sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and address, will be uses to create this account. This information will not be stored or held in memory of any kind by Neatify, LLC. Terms and conditions for Woo-commerce will be made available. Any agreement or financial actions will be between the parties of which the agreement was made. Time can be impacted by, internet speed, incorrect passwords, lack of documentation, etc. If you choose to setup on your own and use the remainder of the time for a Woo-Commerce tour, you may do so.

** Security refers to keeping project parts up to date and using common security practices. Any damages that occur from vulnerabilities, bugs, or technical issues that result in a loss, will be referred to the module, plugin, framework, etc. in use. Neatify, LLC will not sign any agreement on you or your company’s behalf. It is understood that you inform yourself of the terms of service of which your application uses.