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Setting up End to End Encryption with Cloudflare

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1) Registrar to Cloudflare with DNSSEC

  • Go to and either set up a new account or add the new site to the account
  • Under home, add new site domain to the field
  • Choose the plan: Free or Paid
  • MX records and A, AAA, or CNAME records
  • Follow instructions to remove name servers and add offered name servers
  • Set up DNSSEC
  • @ the registrar ( add DNSSEC

Now the Registrar has a secure connection to CloudFlare

2) Point Cloudflare to the Server

On the server, create a directory titled with the same name as the domain. Place a temporary html file to ensure successful connection

  • A Record with the domain as a name and point it to server IP
  • CNAME of www and point that to
  • NS of example.root with server address. Typically there are 3

On the Server: CPANEL > Domains

Create a domain and redirect it to the site directory. A subdomain of may have to be created

Cloudflare: SSL/TLS

  • Overview tab: select Full(strict) is selected
  • Edge Certificates tab toggle on Always Use HTTPS
  • Origin Certificate: Create Certificate
    • Private Key Type: RSA
    • leave the rest alone and click Next
    • Key Format: PEM(Default)
      • Origin Certificate
      • Private Key (copy to clipboard)

Server > CPanel > SSL/TLS > Private Keys (Key)

  • Select: “Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys”
    • Go to: Upload a New Private Key
    • Paste the Private Key in the box
    • Description is optional: this will be overwritten with the next step

Server > CPanel > SSL/TLS > Certificates (CRT)

Go back to Cloudflare > SSL/TLS > Origin Server > Download & Copy Origin Certificate

  • Select: “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates”
  • Go to: Upload a New Certificate & paste the Origin Certificate
    • *description should auto populate
    • Save Certificate

Server > CPanel > SSL/TLS > Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)

  • Select: “Manage SSL sites.”
  • Browse Certificates
    • The Key & CRT together will populate the description
    • Select: The specific certificate that you want
  • Domian:
    • Select: the domain that you want to apply it to
    • *may auto configure
  • Install Certificate